Sandrine Marquet reflexology Battersea

I am Sandrine Marquet, an ITEC level 3 qualified reflexologist and a member of the Association of Reflexologists

Originally from  Paris, I have been living in London for over 10 years. I passed my diploma at the Central London College of Reflexology in 2013 and worked at the Reflexology Space in 2014 (  before starting to work as a freelance therapist.


Why reflexology ? : Before reflexology, I had been using and studying various complementary therapies for over 10 years, originally to deal with my stress levels.

I have found that reflexology truly rebalances us holistically and works on all aspects : physical (muscle tension, health of organs), emotional (people usually feel much lighter, very relaxed and happier following a session) and spiritual (clearing of any energetic block).

The point of complementary therapies in general is to relax the mind and body as healing can only take place when we are totally relaxed (when the conscious mind/ego does not have its guard up)


My philosophy : we are whole beings and the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects need to be in balance and looked after.

If we neglect an aspect, the whole will suffer.

I have been working on myself for a while and try to always progress on all levels. This is why I spend most of my time learning about health, fitness, nutrition, complementary therapies but also psychology and all fields of self-development in general. I study and then experiment with different diets, supplements, physical activities, therapies, etc.

I love exercise of all sorts (high intensity like kickboxing or circuits training as well as low impact like Pilates) but the main thing to do is simply to move our body. I know that for me exercise had a massive impact and taught me to simply have a body and be comfortable in it. It also got my body used to being totally relaxed, so much so that exercising is probably what I enjoy the most in life now.


My background : I worked in typical office/business jobs in big corporations for nearly a decade and I did not really mind them and even enjoyed some aspects of the jobs (mainly dealing with people).  Though I always knew that doing something that did not personally mattered to me was not for me. After studying and using various complementary therapies for 10 years,  I decided to train as a reflexologist in 2012. I passed my ITEC level 3 diploma in 2013.

I also trained in a couple of energy healing modalities :

-Gaia Healing that is similar to Reiki but with a stronger energy and  uses the energy of the Earth.

-Access Consciousness bars : by touching certain points on the head, limiting beliefs and blocks are released. When I receive sessions myself, they are always very relaxing and either quite energising and uplifiting or cleansing if some emotions got released.

I am also a big fan of Bach flower essences (and other essences) and essential oils. They are such an effective and quick way to relax, help with negative emotions and boost energy, confidence, etc.